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Dear Anne-Marie,

Welcome to the HRMI newsletter! April marked five years since I joined HRMI on a full-time basis. Since HRMI was just an embryonic idea at that time, it was a big deal for me to make that move, and I'm so pleased I did. I've been blown away by the passion and commitment of so many people who share our goal of disrupting the status quo and getting more global leaders and decision-makers focused on improving people's lives. Our mantra 'what gets measured gets improved' resonates with many. 
It seems incredible looking back at how much we have achieved in such a short time. We are now coming up to our fourth annual data launch (see below for more details); we recently launched the fourth significant iteration of our online Rights Tracker; and our data are slowly but steadily making their way into strategic decision-making and powerful advocacy. 
Looking ahead, I can see that the next five years are going to be even more impactful than the last five. I think our impact is going to grow exponentially. 
That word 'exponential' has been used a lot over the past year to describe the way a virus spreads if nothing is done to stop it. When one person infects two others, and each of them infect two others, and so on, the numbers can quickly get out of hand. Exponentially so. 
When it's a virus, that's obviously a bad thing. When it's exponential adoption of a way of seeing the world that leads to improvements in people's lives, that's great! We're not seeing that pace of spread in the adoption of HRMI data yet, because we don't yet have full country coverage. But we are well on track to get there.
The HRMI team have some very exciting developments brewing up, which I expect we will be in a position to announce in our next newsletter. Stay tuned!
Yours, looking forward to what the next five years brings, 

2021 Rights Tracker data coming soon!
Join us on 23/24 June as we release all our brand-new human rights scores!

Register now for the launch webinar, or head along to the Rights Tracker from then for all the new data. 

New this year:
  • We have expanded the survey to 6 new places: Hong Kong, Kiribati, Malaysia, Ma'ohi Nui/French Polynesia, Taiwan, and Tuvalu; so there's a lot more data on how their governments are treating people.
  • Respondents in our 39 survey countries also shared their observations on the effects of Covid-19 on human rights in their countries, with summaries available on each country page. 
  • You'll also be able to choose different years when you're looking at how a group of countries perform on a particular human right.
  • As well as the current PDF download option, where you can get a printable copy of the country scores, in the five languages of the Rights Tracker, countries where the survey is run in another language will have a PDF option in that language.
We're looking forward to sharing all these new data and features with you soon!
Covid-19 and human rights: a new report

Which human rights do you think have been most affected by the pandemic?

This year we asked survey respondents in 39 countries to tell us what difference Covid-19 had made to human rights in 2020. We are publishing our findings in a special report at the same time as we launch the main dataset, and we'll be discussing them during the launch webinar.

We have been struck by the enormous impact the pandemic has clearly made - and in all sorts of unexpected ways. We'll send you a link to the report in June so you can see for yourself what people have told us.  
The Rights Tracker is now available in Chinese!
In big news, the whole Rights Tracker is now available in Chinese - as well as English, Portuguese, French, and Spanish.

You may remember that in late 2020 our general information website also became available in both Chinese and Russian: 

The HRMI website in Russian
The HRMI website in Chinese

The addition of Chinese to both websites has been made possible partly thanks to a grant from the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy. 

We also have plans to make the Rights Tracker available in both Russian and Arabic, as soon as we can secure funding for those projects. If you have ideas of foundations or individuals who may want to help, please let us know. 
Team news

Our team is spread all over the world, and we haven't had an in-person gathering for two years, now, thanks to the pandemic. Like many of you, we continue to work hard to support each other, and enjoy working together, across vast distances.

Lately we have sadly farewelled Wellington team members Zoe Higgins, who has begun a Master's in Creative Writing, and Charlotte Weston, who has moved to a full-time communications role. We're happy for their exciting moves, but we miss them a lot!

Our intern programme goes from strength to strength, and a recent development is several interns becoming core members of our team. We're delighted to have Tori Hawley from Canada join the Strategy and Communications team, working alongside Thalia; Maple Maloney from the United States administering the internship programme; and Eduardo Bürkle from Brazil join us as editor and researcher. You can read more about them on our team page
HRMI research at the NZAE conference
The New Zealand Association of Economists has selected two HRMI researchers to present at its upcoming 2021 conference!

Motu Research Analyst Livvy Mitchell, and intern Paddy Baylis, will be presenting their work on the rights to housing and health in New Zealand, commissioned by the NZ Human Rights Commission. The full report will be out later this year. 
The right to housing in Chile

In partnership with TECHO, the international housing advocacy organisation, a team of HRMI researchers has been working on some detailed analysis of the right to housing in Chile. 

A short report on their findings is now on our website in English, and will be published in Spanish shortly:

Improving enjoyment of the right to housing in Chile
A dive into the 2021 survey
If you were a survey respondent, or you're interested in how things went in this year's survey period, check out this short article from HRMI intern Mennah Abdelwahab.
Who else needs to know about the Rights Tracker?
Can you think of two or three colleagues or friends who might find the Rights Tracker useful? 

Please help us spread the word! If you could drop a quick message to a few people, or post about us online, that would really help us to get our powerful human rights data out in the world making a difference. 

You might want to share this 1-minute introduction to HRMI, or one of our animated methodology videos, or Susan's or Anne-Marie's TEDx Talks, or just a link to the Rights Tracker itself. 

Thank you!
Please keep in touch!
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Please also feel free to contact us directly with feedback, ideas, and requests. We're here to help.

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